Realistic high definition image of the bHaptics TactSuit X40 and TactGlove: A new era in virtual reality

Imagine immersing yourself in a virtual reality game and being able to feel every movement, touch, and impact as if it were real. Thanks to advancements in haptic technology, this is now possible. One company at the forefront of this innovation is bHaptics, and their latest products, the TactSuit X40 and TactGlove, are set to revolutionize the VR gaming experience.

The TactSuit X40 is a full-body suit that snugly fits onto your body and delivers haptic feedback through 40 different points. Fully wireless and adjustable to fit all body types, this suit promises up to 12 hours of gameplay on a single charge. On the other hand, the TactGlove features 12 haptic points, wireless connectivity, and offers 3.5 hours of gameplay on a single charge. With four different sizes available, the TactGlove ensures a perfect fit for everyone, from small to extra-large.

What immediately impressed me about the haptic gloves was not only the haptic feedback they provided, but also their hand tracking capabilities. This means that you no longer need to worry about using handheld controllers, resulting in a more immersive experience.

However, it should be noted that the TactGlove itself does not provide hand tracking. It relies on the hand tracking system of the VR device being used, such as the Meta Quest 3.

When I first tried on the TactSuit X40, I was skeptical about how comfortable it would be to have 1.7 kilograms of weight on my shoulders. However, after adjusting it to fit properly and getting into the gameplay, I didn’t feel the weight at all, despite my initial concerns. Unfortunately, since this was a demo at CES 2024, all the devices were already connected, so I couldn’t test or verify how easy the pairing process was between the Meta Quest 3 and the bHaptics devices.

The first part of the VR demonstration focused on hand tracking rather than using traditional controllers. After a few attempts, I could pick up objects and press buttons using my own fingers with precision, despite a few initial glitches that sent my hands drifting off in space. The TactGlove allowed me to feel pressure on my fingers and palms as I interacted with objects. Even when I pressed harder on buttons, I could feel the resistance through the gloves, creating a truly amazing sensation.

In the past, my experience with haptic technology, like for many gamers, was mainly through vibrations and rumble feedback from controllers such as the PS5 DualSense. When I first encountered bHaptics, I expected something similar, with simple vibrations passing through my hands and body. But I was wrong, as these haptic sensations are much more realistic and don’t feel like mere vibrations.

The next part of the demo immersed me in intense action, with laser blasts being deflected and creating a shield to block incoming shots. While I had some difficulties lifting the shield at certain points, when I got hit by the shots, it truly felt like I was being struck on the shoulder, rather than just experiencing vibrations. Firing lasers from my hands was also a thrilling experience, as I felt the reaction not only in my fingers but throughout my entire body. I felt like I had the power of the world, forgetting that I was just in a virtual reality demonstration and not actually a superhero.

The final part of the demo allowed me to interact with a virtual representation of myself. I could extend my hand and touch various parts of my body, and it successfully replicated the sensations of touch, which was a somewhat surreal experience. High-fiving myself was definitely a bit awkward, but I was impressed by how precise it felt, rather than being just a vibration passing through my hand.

My experience with bHaptics’ TactSuit X40 and TactGlove left me amazed at how they delivered haptic feedback, and I am eager to spend more time with them and conduct a full review. The level of sensory immersion they provided is something I have never experienced before, and coupled with the precise hand tracking, it offers a much deeper virtual reality experience compared to simply using a headset.


1. What is haptic technology?
Haptic technology is a technology that allows users to feel physical feedback or sensations of motion, pressure, and touch during virtual reality experiences or gaming.

2. What are the products from bHaptics?
bHaptics’ products include the TactSuit X40 and TactGlove. The TactSuit X40 is a full-body haptic suit that provides motion feedback through 40 haptic points. The TactGlove is a haptic glove featuring 12 haptic points.

3. How are bHaptics products used?
bHaptics products are worn during virtual reality experiences or gaming. The TactSuit X40 is worn on the body and provides haptic feedback through the torso. The TactGlove is worn on the hands and provides haptic feedback to the fingers and palms.

4. What is the battery life of the products?
The TactSuit X40 can provide up to 12 hours of gameplay on a single charge, while the TactGlove offers 3.5 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

5. What are the main application areas?
The main application areas for bHaptics products are virtual reality experiences and gaming.

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