Create a realistic high-definition image that contains an informative visual guide or diagram about the game feature, 'RTX', in Fortnite. This should include information on how RTX affects gameplay, the visual advantages it provides, and the system requirements. Please exclude any copyrighted characters from the game.

The popular game Fortnite has captivated millions of players worldwide, with its immersive battle arenas and competitive gameplay. Now, Nvidia, a leading graphics card company, is introducing RTX technology to Fortnite, taking the gaming experience to a whole new level.

RTX, or Ray Tracing, is a rendering technique that produces incredibly realistic graphics. Nvidia developed the RTX series of graphics cards to support this technology, and now it’s bringing it to Fortnite to make the game even more impressive and lifelike.

Fortnite RTX offers enhanced graphic quality, with brighter lights, shadows, and reflections that give the game a more authentic feel. Players can appreciate every minute detail of the game environment while enjoying smooth and exceptional performance.

FAQs about Fortnite RTX:

1. Which graphics cards support Fortnite RTX?
Fortnite RTX is supported by Nvidia’s RTX series graphics cards, including the RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, and the newer 3000 series.

2. Do I need special drivers to use Fortnite RTX?
No, you do not need special drivers to use Fortnite RTX. You only need an RTX graphics card and enable the RTX option in the game’s graphic settings.

3. Can I use Fortnite RTX on consoles?
No, Fortnite RTX is only available for computers using Nvidia’s RTX series graphics cards. It is not available on consoles.

4. Can I disable Fortnite RTX if I don’t like the graphic quality?
Yes, you can disable Fortnite RTX if you’re not satisfied with the graphic quality. Simply go to the game’s graphic settings and disable the RTX option.

We are excited to see how the introduction of RTX technology in Fortnite will change the way players enjoy the game. With the addition of RTX, Fortnite becomes even more impressive and vibrant, ensuring an absolutely stunning gaming experience.