High-definition, realistic photo of the Additional Lyrics Function of Beat Saber keeping the music clean

Are you looking for a virtual reality game on Quest 3? Or are you more interested in VR games on your computer? Either way, I’m sure Beat Saber is among your top choices when it comes to software. And I can’t blame you. Since its release, Beat Saber has been one of the top VR games, and anyone who has played it can tell you why. The game is easy to learn, incredibly fun, and difficult to put down: just the right combination!

Beat Saber has been regularly updated over the past five years, with many of these updates adding new music tracks for fans to dance to. However, with a title like this, you can’t stay relevant with content alone. You also need quality-of-life improvements.

The latest update for Beat Saber is here and you can check out its release notes. This update doesn’t add new features or songs, but it brings several bug fixes, corrections, and improvements. Oh, and one switch that many will appreciate: a lyrics filter.

What does this mean? Remember when we used to watch music channels on TV – perhaps people still do? Anyway – and the songs had different versions that toned down the offensive expressions? The switch does something similar, but for the songs in Beat Saber. Another interesting thing about the switch is that it is directly linked to the user’s Meta account. This means that if you tolerate Beat Saber, parents can disable the lyrics filter and not worry about it. That is until their children reach their teenage years, when Meta regains control and parents can activate the “active” setting if they wish.

The lyrics filter switch in Beat Saber is included in the latest update of the game for Quest 2 and Quest 3, so you can upgrade the app if you want to use it. And once you upgrade the game, if you have trouble finding the switch, you can take a look at Meta Accounts for Families.


1. What is the favorite virtual reality game on Quest 3?
– The favorite virtual reality game on Quest 3 varies among players.

2. Which VR games are available on the computer?
– There are many VR games available on the computer, depending on the platform you are using.

3. What are the most popular VR game choices?
– Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR game choices.

4. How can I stay updated on the new releases of Beat Saber?
– You can stay updated on the new releases of Beat Saber through the official release notes.

5. What does the latest Beat Saber update offer?
– The latest Beat Saber update offers bug fixes, corrections, improvements, and a lyrics switch for songs.

Key Term Definitions:

– VR: Virtual Reality – Technology that creates a simulated environment that isolates the user from the real world.
– Beat Saber: A popular VR game that combines dance and combat with bright sabers.

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