Realistic HD image of five mythical creatures that players need to unlock a secondary charge attack

Pokemon GO offers players the ability to unlock a second Charged Attack for their monsters, providing additional versatility in battles. While new players may initially decide to forego this feature and focus on the Battle League, they will eventually find themselves at a significant disadvantage. To help you make the most of this option, here are five Pokemon that are worth unlocking a second Charged Attack for.

1) Zygarde
Zygarde comes in different forms, and each has its own strengths. While the other two forms may not be as common in competitive play, the Complete Forme of Zygarde is arguably the best monster in the Master League as of the time of writing.

With its moveset consisting of Dragon Tail, Crunch, and Earthquake, Zygarde offers a powerful combination that provides both damage and coverage against higher-level opponents. The inclusion of Crunch is particularly important for countering Mewtwo and Giratina, while Earthquake deals with threats like Dialga and Zacian. Having a second Charged Attack makes a significant difference in battles.

2) Groudon
Groudon is an excellent Pokemon for competitive play and Raid Battles in Pokemon GO, but it has limited coverage options that can make it challenging to use without a second Charged Attack. Groudon heavily relies on Precipice Blades to deal significant damage, but using only this move would make it vulnerable and limit its usefulness in certain situations.

Unlocking a second Charged Attack and teaching Groudon Fire Punch improves its coverage options, allowing it to break shields and finish off weakened targets. The addition of a Fire-type move also helps Groudon handle defensive walls and Ice-type Pokemon.

3) Metagross
Metagross is another high-profile Pokemon often considered one of the best in Pokemon GO, if not the entire franchise. With impressive stats and a Steel-Psychic typing, Metagross is a force to be reckoned with in both competitive play and PvE. However, due to its dual typing, fully utilizing its offensive capabilities can be challenging.

That’s where unlocking a second Charged Attack comes in. In competitive play, this second slot is typically reserved for Psychic or Earthquake moves, offering more damage, disablement, or coverage.

4) Origin Giratina
While other Pokemon on the list benefit from a second Charged Attack for more damage, versatility, or coverage in Pokemon GO, Origin Giratina requires this addition for strategic purposes. This is due to its access to Ominous Wind, a move that deals light damage but has a chance to boost the user’s stats.

For this reason, many players use Giratina with Ominous Wind in the second Charged Attack slot. Origin Giratina boasts one of the highest Attack stats in the Master League and underwhelming Dragon-type moves, meaning it focuses on Ghost-type attacks. The inclusion of Ominous Wind in its moveset complements its overall performance and contributes to its high success rate.

5) Mewtwo
Mewtwo is one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO, thanks to its high stats, access to a shadow form, various coverage options, and highly effective Psychic moves. However, Mewtwo is significantly more fragile compared to other competitors. That’s why having a second Charged Attack can make a difference in battles. The second Charged Attack slot is typically reserved for Shadow Ball, as it has a low energy cost and provides neutral damage against a wide range of opponents. However, Mewtwo can also benefit from moves like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam to add variety.


Q1: Which Pokemon in Pokemon GO require a second Charged Attack?
A1: Zygarde, Groudon, Metagross, Origin Giratina, and Mewtwo are some of the Pokemon that benefit from a second Charged Attack.

Q2: Why is the second Charged Attack important?
A2: The second Charged Attack provides variety of moves, coverage, and additional power, making it vital for countering strong opponents and achieving success in battles.

Q3: What are the components of Zygarde’s second Charged Attack?
A3: Zygarde’s second Charged Attack consists of Dragon Tail, Crunch, and Earthquake.

Q4: What is the second Charged Attack that Groudon should have?
A4: Groudon needs a second Charged Attack to learn Fire Punch.

Q5: What additions make the second Charged Attack important for Metagross?
A5: The additions that make the second Charged Attack important for Metagross are Psychic and Earthquake moves.

Q6: Why is the second Charged Attack important for Origin Giratina?
A6: The second Charged Attack is crucial for Origin Giratina for strategic purposes, as it has access to the move Ominous Wind, which boosts its stats.

Q7: How can Mewtwo be enhanced with a second Charged Attack?
A7: Mewtwo can be enhanced with a second Charged Attack, typically including Shadow Ball, but it can also benefit from moves like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam for variety.

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